Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hardware Requirements for Animation

Computer animation generally involves the following hardware devices.

  1. Image generation tools and devices, such as scanners, digital cameras, and video capture board interfaced to some standard video source, like video camera or video cassette recorder (VCR), are used to generate images to be used in animation.

  2. Computer monitors with image display capability is the minimum requirement for outputting (displaying) animation .In addition, multimedia computer systems capable for handling animation also require a graphics accelerator board, which not only controls the resolution and number of colors of display, but also speeds up the refresh rate. Refresh rate is the time taken to paint the computer screen with a new image frame, replacing the previous images frame. Increased speed, due to the use of graphics accelerator board, smoothes out the movement (avoids flickering of animation sequences) because subsequent frames, which make up the animation can be displayed quicker.
    For Software Reuirements for animation click here

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