Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Information Technology(IT) Consulting, Firms

Technological advancements have made it very necessary for every firm to have a proper control and maintenance of their IT related activities. If a company does not have its own IT department, it may avail the services of IT consulting firms. These firms provide solutions to IT related requirements such Email and Spam Control, Network Security, Data Back-up, IT Budgeting and Planning.

IT Consulting - Types of Consulting Firms

IT consulting firms can be broadly divided into three types:

Professional Services Firms: These firms are very large in size. They can easily provide IT solutions for a large company. These firms are most trusted all across the world. They have a reputation of providing the best solutions. Their services are somewhat costly.

Staffing Firms: These firms are in effect for the period when they are handling your business. They employ people for a short duration. They phase out once they are through with the contract with a company.

Independent consultants: They are firms which have knowledge about any technological developments. They are competent enough to handle your business needs. They contribute a lot in the growth of their clients. Independent consultants are considered to be the best choice of all.

Main Concerns handled
IT Consultants mainly handle three concerns:

Data Integrity: A company’s data is one of the most critical asset of any organization. It includes critical information such as customer details, orders placed by customers, payment records etc. Thus, it becomes very important for every organization to protect its data. The services of IT consultants are often hired to ensure data integrity. They help in maintaining back-up of all the important data.

Security: A company has to protect its network from various threats such as hacking, viruses, Malware, etc. IT Consultants provide superior protection from all these threats by providing Firewalls and Anti-virus programs. It is imperative to let these consultants handle all your security needs. They have expertise in this field and can handle your security requirements in the best possible manner.

System Performance: It is very important for a company’s IT system to perform in the most efficient manner. A company’s business can prosper and grow only if it has proper support. IT consultants provide you the best advice. They help you invest in systems which give you best performance and increased protection. They play a vital role in the success of a company.

Why IT Consultant is important for Us

The reliance of mankind on technology has increased with time. We are dependent on computers for most of our work. Information technology plays a very important role in day to day operations of every business. There are certain IT services which are essential for every business. Firms seek the help of IT consultants to cater to their needs.

The most common services offered by IT consultants are:

Email and Spam Control

Email has become the most extensively used tool for personal as well as professional communication. Businesses greatly rely on email, to carry business communication with their business associates and clients. Spam is the biggest problem faced by us while using emails. Each day, hundreds of spam emails are filtered out by spam filters. If these filters stopped functioning any day, it would greatly disrupt our electronic communication activities. You may not be able to reply to important business emails, which may even lead to lost business opportunities. Companies avail the services of IT consultants, to control the Spam filtration tools effectively.

Network Security

Our networks are often vulnerable to the attack of virus or malware. This attack could be from internal or external sources. Thus, network security becomes is an inevitable requirement for every business. Some companies handle network security through on site measures while others outsource it to IT consultants. Outsourcing is a better measure as the IT consultants are experts in this domain. Each day, new threats and viruses, are generated. These consultants are equipped with the latest development in network protection. They offer a high degree of protection from all kinds of security threats.

Budgeting and Planning

There are many IT related investments that a company has to make from time to time. They depend on the company’s requirement. A company may not have a separate IT department. Hence, it becomes very difficult to get an idea of the budget required for such needs. In the absence of a proper budget, the company may end up spending either too much or too less. This may result in a chaotic situation. A company may seek the help of consulting services for budgeting and planning.

Data Back-Up and Disaster Recovery

It is very important to maintain a back-up of the company’s data. It is always advisable to maintain it off site through IT consultants. Onsite maintenance is not an intelligent move, as your data may be destroyed in case of fire, theft or a natural calamity.