Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Advantages of Firewall

Computers are constantly under the threat of being attacked by viruses, spyware and hackers. All organizations have critical and confidential information which can be accessed by hackers for misuse; a potential risk for any business. For this reason, it’s very important to incorporate security features when setting up a large or small business IT network in or around the Toronto area.

Using firewalls is one of the best ways to maintain network security and it’s an essential part of a company’s network protection system. Security software regulates the traffic between your network and the other networks that you access; it prevents unauthorized access to your network while allowing authorized access to continue as normal. With a firewall in place, an unauthorized attempt to access the can be blocked and encrypted, or allowed at the user’s discretion. An inner-network activity log is always maintained. 

You may have the best antivirus software installed on your computer, but only when it’s combined with a firewall is it most effective. Compatible firewall protection may be purchased directly from one of the antivirus companies, or from places offering managed IT services in Toronto or other parts of Ontario. It is very important to have a firewall if you have a computer network. It is advised that any business install it on each and every computer of its network. This way, if one computer within a network gets infected by a virus, it does not infect the other computers within the same network. 

If you’re not sure which antivirus software is best for your computer, you can seek the help of any company that provides computer support in Brampton, Markham, Vaughan or other areas in the GTA.
There are primarily two types of firewalls: software and hardware. Firewall software runs in the background of a computer. It captures each and every network request and decides whether it is authorized or unauthorized. A software firewall is not very expensive and it can be installed very easily once you identify the right version according to the operating system that you use.

Firewall hardware is normally a small box that is fitted between your computer and your modem. It offers better protection and you can use it on more than one computer; it doesn’t matter what type of operating system your computers operate on.

Firewall-How does it work

The Internet is vital for everyday business communication, accessing important data and information exchange, but with the use of this tool comes the threat of people who may attempt to access your network with harmful intentions. Hence, it has become imperative to control the access to the information in your databases. You can do so with the help of a solid firewall; any professional IT consultant in Toronto or outside of the city would agree.

What is a firewall?

Think of a firewall as a traffic policeman who controls and restricts the traffic between your computer the Internet. It’s a must when setting up large or small business IT networks in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. With a firewall installed, all information within the internal network of an organization is protected from the numerous computers connected to the web.

How does it work?

Each computer in has a unique IP address that enables it to connect to other computers, which allows other users to transfer files to and from other computers in the network. While the Internet has many safety features that control the access from different computers -- and most people do adhere to privacy protocols -- the risk of unauthorized access to your computer remains generally high.

Firewalls save a record of IP addresses and help you to control external access to your computer. When a computer tries to access your computer you receive an alert; then it’s up to you to authorize access. You can program your firewall to authorize access to desired computers or networks, and restrict the access of unwanted computers or networks. This is extremely useful in reducing the threat of viruses, spyware and malware; it even protects your computers from potential hackers.

Using a firewall protects the data and information that is sent along your office network, so it is a must for any business and individual to install one for any computer in use. Any unauthorized access to your computer can leave your personal or professional information exposed to hackers who may use your confidential information for selfish or destructive motives.

A good firewall can go a long way in protecting your network from any unauthorized access. If you’re in the area, you can seek advice from companies that provide IT support in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville or other parts of the GTA to help with firewall installation and any other security needs your network may gave.