Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What is a multimedia computer system?

What is a multimedia computer system?
A multimedia computer system is a computer system, which has the capability to integrate two or more types of media (text, graphics, images, audio, and video) for the purpose of generation, storage, representation, manipulation and access of multimedia information. In generate, the data size for multimedia information is much larger than textual information, because representation of graphics, animation, audio or video media in digital form requires much larger number of bits than that required for representation of plain text. Due to this, multimedia computer system requires:
Faster CPU (for quicker processing of larger amount of data).
Larger storage devices(for storing large data files),
Larger main memory(for running programs with large data size),
Good graphics terminal s(for displaying graphics, animation and video),and
Input/output devices required to play any audio associated with a multimedia application program.
All multimedia computer systems need not have all the features listed above. For example, a computer system, which does not have the capability to handle audio and video media can still be called a multimedia computer system, because it can still handle multiple media (text and graphics).However a full-fledged multimedia computer system must be capable of handling all types of media discussed above, and hence, must have all the features listed above.

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