Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Usenet News Services

Usenet News

The Usenet service allows a group of Internet users to exchange their views/views/ideas/information on some command topic. Which is for interest to all the members belonging to the group? Several such groups exist on the Internet and are called newsgroups. For example, the newsgroup comp. Security .msc consists of users having interest in computer security issues.

A newsgroup is like a large notice board, which is accessible to all the members belonging to the group. A member, who wants to exchange his/her views/ideas information with other members, sends a specially formatted message, which is processed and interpreted as a notice to be posted on the notice board by the member’s computer, which has an appropriate software running for this purpose. After the processing of the message is cover. It can be read from any member’s computer just like a notice posted on a notice board can be read by anyone having access to the notice board.

There are two types of newsgroups-moderated and nonmoderated. In a moderated newsgroup, only selected members have the right to directly post a message to the virtual notice board, whereas in a no moderated newsgroup, any member can directly post a message to the virtual notice board. In a moderated newsgroup, a message sent by an ordinary member first goes to the computer of one of the selected members having the right to directly post a message to the notice board. The message is then checked by this member who decides whether the message is appropriate for being posted, and does any editing that might be required to improve the quality of the message. This member then posts the message on the notice board. After this only, the message becomes readable to other members.

The main idea of a moderated newsgroup is to ensure the quality of the newsgroup. As no one moderates the quality of the message of a no moderated newsgroup, anyone can post anything .However, member of such newsgroups should be careful in posting a message, because other members may react angrily by sending a flaming message in response to an ill mannered message. To address this assure, the concept of netiquette (network etiquette) has arisen, which deal with rules of framing message that will not hurt others.

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