Thursday, August 30, 2012

What is instruction sets in computer architecture

Every CPU has built-in-ability to execute a set of machine instructions, called instructions set. Most CPUs have 200 or more instructions (such as add, substract, and compare) in instruction set. The machine language designed for a processor (CPU), is based on the list of instructions supported by the CPU in its instructions set. Since each processor (CPU).is based on the list instructions supported by the CPU in its instructions set, Since each processor has a unique instruction set, machine language programs written for one computer will generally not run on another computer, with a different CPU.
What is Instruction Sets in Computer

CPUs made by different manufacturers have different instructions sets. In fact, different CPU models of the same manufacturer also often have different instructions sets. However, manufacturers tend to group their CPUs into “families”, which have similar instructions sets. When a new CPU is developed, it it ensured that its instructions set includes all the instructions in the instruction set of its predecessor Crumples some new ones. This manufacturing strategy is known as upward compatibility, and the new CPU is said to be upward compatible with its predecessor. This feature allows software written for a computer with a particular CPU, to work on computers with newer processors of the same family. In turn, it allows the users of these computer systems to easily upgrade their system, without worrying about converting all their existing software.NSK2VZ4KNRW6

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