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Multimedia components

Multimedia components


Alphanumeric characters are used to present information in the text form. Computers are widely used for text processing.

Hardware Requirements for Text

Text processing, with the use of multimedia computers, generally involves the following hardware devices.1. Keyboards are most commonly used to input text data.2. OCRs (Optical Recognizers) are used for direct input of printed text to computers.3. Computer screens are used to display text information.4. Printers are most commonly used to output text in hard copy form.

Software Requirements for Text

The following text processing capabilities are highly desirable in a multimedia computer system for better presentation and use for textual information.
Text editing. Text editors and word processing packages are used to generate, edit and properly layout a text document.

Text style.

Presentation of text information can be made more effective by using text of various sizes, fonts and styles .For example ,newspapers use a good combination of all these styles to better highlights more important news than less important ones. Similarly ,in a book like the one you are now reading, a combination of various text styles are used to put more emphasis on certain words or phrases than the remaining text.

Text searching.

Usage of text information can be greatly enhanced by text searching features. This feature allows the users to enter a word or phrase, and the computer quickly finds and displays that part of the text where the world or phrase appears in the textual information, with the world or phrase highlighted.


Both presentation and use of textual information can be greatly enhanced by using hypertext feature. This feature provides great flexibility of structuring and accessing computer based text information. It generalizes the concepts of “footnote” and “cross reference” of traditional anchor (a word or phrase linked to another document) within documents. An anchor is often called a “hotword”. This means, if the user wants more information about a particular hotword, he/she can select that hotword and open window with additional text explaining that word or phrase.

Text importing and exporting.

The task of creating a textual document can often be greatly simplified, if the document preparation software has text-importing feature. This is because some of the text you want to incorporate in your document may already exist as a file created by a word processor or a database file. The file can be simply imported into the new documents at the desired location, instead of retyping the entire text again. If the imported file is large, it will result in enormous saving of time and effort required to prepare the new documents. Similarly, text exporting feature is very useful in allowing other package to use an existing documents. For what is multimedia click here

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